Meet Antonio

Antonio began first grade this week at Chicora School of Communications, and is kicking off his second year with WINGS. When he grows up, he says that he wants to be a football player!

Antonio's favorite line of The Creed is: I understand the choices I make should be what's best for me to do, and Chicora Program Director Ashley Tucker says he displays that understanding frequently.

At camp last week, Antonio showed that his SEL skills had remained intact over the summer as he made good choices throughout the week. He asked for help when he needed it, asked permission when necessary, was kind and caring towards the other kids, and politely raised his hand to participate in discussions.

At WINGS we have three questions we tell kids to ask themselves to help them make the choices that are best for them:

  1. Could anyone (including me) get hurt if I choose this?
  2. Could I get into any trouble if I get caught doing this?
  3. Can anything bad happen if I make this choice?

If they answer YES to any of these questions, they're in a "Yes Mess," meaning that they are not making a good choice. And if they are able to answer NO to all three of these questions, then they are likely making a choice that is best for them.

Antonio, you're a WINGS MVP! We're excited to see you soar even higher this school year!




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