Meet Trevon

Trevon is in the 4th grade at James Simons Elementary School and in his second year with WINGS. He is a proud member of the Falcons Nest, and says that he wants to be a chef when he grows up!

His WINGSLeader, Ms. Alicia says that Trevon is the perfect illustration of the Creed line, "I am a friend, I support and trust," because Trevon is always quick to provide support to those around him. He looks for ways to be kind and caring and he never asks for or expects anything in return.

"I've learned how to be positive and not negative," says Trevon, "Like, it is better to make people happy than to make them sad."

An example of this occurred earlier this month when Trevon's younger brother was having a negative moment and struggling with controlling himself. When Trevon spotted his brother and recognized that he was experiencing an emotional highjacking, he went over to him and patiently whispered in his ear. He spoke to his brother in whispers for about two minutes after which his brother hugged him and rejoined his nest with a much improved attitude.

With ingredients under his belt like kindness, support, and empathy, we think this aspiring chef is already on his way to mastering the recipe of success!

Trevon, you are a heaping cup of sunshine! We're so proud of you, and we can't wait to see you spread your WINGS and grow even more in the coming years!




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