Meet Dasani

Dasani is in the 4th grade at North Charleston Elementary School and in her 3rd year with WINGS! She wants to be a doctor when she grows up, and it's fitting because we're already seeing her take care of her nestmates!

Dasani's WINGSLeader in the Pelican's Nest, Ms. Christie, says that in her time with WINGS, Dasani has grown to become a kind, caring, and empathetic young lady. She integrates all that she's learned at WINGS into everyday situations, and is always supportive of others.

Recently during discussion time in her nest, one of Dasani's fellow Pelican girls became emotional over the topic at hand and excused herself from the circle to gather her thoughts and emotions. Having been through a similar situation as the girl, Dasani politely asked if she could go and talk with her as she related and empathized with her nestmate. Only minutes later, Dasani brought her friend back to the circle, and both girls were wearing big smiles.

Dasani, we applaud your ability to empathize with and comfort others. You are a great friend and nurturer to the other kids, and if you want to be a care giver when you grow up, we just know that you'll be an amazing one with your great skills and traits! Keep flying high!




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