Meet Ganaris

Ganaris just completed the fifth grade at North Charleston Elementary School and his third year with WINGS. He says that when he grows up, he wants to be a chemist!

WINGSLeader Melanie calls Ganaris a, "standout kid," in her Bluebird's Nest, and says that he actively tries to integrate each week's learning objective into his life, as well as motivate his Bluebird nestmates (all 5th grade boys) to do the same. He's quite thoughtful, and really listens to and absorbs lessons before immediately modeling them.

One example of this occurred towards the end of this past school year during a week we were discussing managing feelings and emotional highjackings- when we lose control of our emotions. Ganaris became frustrated, and with his emotions apparent, marched up to his WINGSLeader to express his frustration. While he initially appeared quite upset, and it was apparent that he had let his emotions take over, Ganaris stopped and visibly collected himself before discussing the issue with his WINGSLeader. As a result of managing his emotions, Ganaris was able to productively communicate and therefore resolve the issue, rather than being aggressive and create a new one. That kind of self-control is hard even for adults!

Ganaris, as an aspiring chemist, you definitely have the right formula to succeed! We are very proud of the growth you've made in your time with WINGS, and we know that as you move on to middle school you'll take these lessons with you while continuing to learn new ones. We can't wait to see the heights you soar to!




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