Meet Jameria

Jameria is a rising third grader at S.L. Lewis Elementary School in Atlanta, and just completed her very first year with WINGS. When she grows up, she says she would like to be a singer and song writer!

Jameria's WINGSLeader, Ms. Capricia, says that while Jameria had a difficult time adjusting at the beginning of the school year, she has since, "completely transformed into a soaring star."

When she first entered the program, Jameria was more susceptible to what we call "emotional hijackings."
She struggled with accepting responsibility and consequences following poor choices, and often had a bad attitude. Throughout the year however, through discussions with both her WINGSLeader and teacher, Jameria made tremendous progress. Goals and expectations were set, and Jameria put a great deal of effort into better managing her emotions and impulses.

"She works hard on making better choices," says Capricia, "and when she does act before thinking, she is now able to accept responsibility and deal with the consequences, sometimes even suggesting them."

Jameria, WE'RE singing YOUR praises for your self-awareness and improvement! We're very proud of you! Keep soaring, keep singing, and have a fantastic summer!




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