Meet Khorin

Khorin is a third grader in the Cardinal's Nest at Heritage Elementary School and in her first year with WINGS' new Atlanta programs! She says that she wants to be a dentist when she grows up!

Khorin's WINGSLeader, Corin Porter, says that Khorin was very shy and quite at the beginning of the school year. She rarely spoke during group discussion and would choose to sit out of group games. Recently Khorin has made a complete turn-around however. She now jumps at the chance to share her thoughts, and is fully engaged in all conversations, activities, and games that are held throughout the day.

When asked what her favorite thing about being in WINGS is, Khorin said, "I like that we learn to support other people when they need it, like when they are shy like I am or need help."

Just recently Khorin raised her hand to come up to the microphone and participate in Hey's and Praise- an opportunity for kids and WINGSLeaders to praise and recognize each other in front of the entire community each Monday. When she arrived at the microphone, Khorin stood tall and spoke very proudly and asked her group if she could give them praise. She praised them for being supportive of her at all times, especially when she’s being shy.

Khorin, we're astounded by your quickly evolving social and self- awareness! We’re so happy to see you coming out of your (egg) shell and spreading those lovely WINGS of yours! Keep on soaring!




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