Meet Andre

Andre is a second grader at Memminger Elementary School and in his first year with WINGS. He is a proud member of the Orioles Nest and says that one day, when he's in college, he would like to become a WINGSLeader himself.

"WINGSLeaders are cool because they help us to calm down when we get frustrated. They help us with homework and all of life's problems.”

Andre's WINGSLeader Alicia says that he is off to a good start with those aspirations as he is constantly on the lookout for people that he can cheer up. "He has really progressed during his time with WINGS, and absorbed each learning objective,” she says. "Andre is a real team player and he's done a great job of following expectations.”

Andre, it sounds like you have just what it takes to one day become a great WINGSLeader! We're proud of you. Keep soaring!




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