Meet Diarra

Diarra is a 1st grader in the Sparrows Nest at Heritage Elementary School in Atlanta, and in his second year with WINGS. He says that he wants to be a fireman when he grows up, and WINGS staffers say this is no surprise as he is always helping others and showing empathy to those around him.

Just last month Sparrow's Nest WINGSLeader Mr. Jaelen was out for the day and the nest was led by another WINGSLeader in his absence. The Sparrow boys were a bit rowdy on this day as a result of the change, and when Diarra, a natural leader, recognized his nestmates were getting out of hand he spoke up.

"Hey you guys, we need to step into the shoes of our new WINGSLeader and see how we would feel if we were filling in for Mr. Jaelen and everyone was acting crazy. Let's be kind and supportive, okay?"

This WINGS boy certainly knows his Creed! The other boys quickly acknowledged that they weren't making the choices that were best for them and corrected their behavior.

Diarra, you're an impressive young man and we're so happy to have you in our flock. You're clearly already skilled at putting out emotional fires, so we have no doubt you'll make a great fire fighter some day! Keep up the good work! You soar!




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