Meet Taneya

Taneya is a 4th grader in the Dove’s Nest at James Simons Elementary School and in her third year with WINGS. She says that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up and her WINGSLeader, Ms. Amber, says that with Taneya’s caring nature towards others, she’s sure to make a great one!

Just last month one of Taneya’s nestmates was visibly upset and Taneya took notice of her friend’s struggle. She sat down with the girl, and took the time to figure out what was wrong. The pair talked things out for a short while with Taneya offering support and advice until the girl felt better and could continue her day in a far better mood.

This sort of compassion and kindness is not uncommon coming from Taneya. Ms. Amber says that Taneya lives The Creed every day and is always positively encouraging her peers.

Taneya, your positive attitude is contagious and we are touched by your patience and ability to empathize with others. Sometimes a bit of understanding is just what the doctor ordered, and we know that you would be an amazing physician should you choose to pursue that. Keep up the good work!




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