Meet Stephanie

Stephanie is a member of the Raven's Nest at North Charleston Elementary School and in her fifth and final year with WINGS before flying off to middle school next fall. She wants to be a lawyer when she grows up, and her WINGSLeader Paris says that she not only passes, but raises the bar with her SEL skills.

Stephanie's favorite line of the Creed is I want to step into [others'] shoes and see what they are going through. She certainly embodies that line at WINGS, and it will continue to serve her well throughout her life, and certainly if she becomes an attorney.

Just last week during Academic Center, Stephanie completed her homework before many other students who were struggling and didn't understand the assignment. She utilized her social skills and was able to step into their shoes and explain the assignment to her classmates in a way they would understand it without giving away the answers.

Stephanie, we're so proud of you and consider ourselves fortunate to have watched you grow over the past 5 years. We're looking forward to another great school year with you and watching your continued success in middle school and beyond. You have all of the tools to become an excellent lawyer and in the case of SEL we find in your favor and have no objections! Keep soaring!




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