WINGer Snapshot
Meet Jazzi Goode

Originally from Portsmouth, NH, Jazzi grew up in North Augusta, SC until she moved to Charleston to attend the College of Charleston. While at CofC, Jazzi worked for WINGS as a WINGSLeader (2008-2010) and also welcomed new students to the University as an Orientation Intern. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, Jazzi taught 2nd grade at Spann Elementary School from 2011-2014. We’re so excited to welcome Jazzi back to WINGS as she’ll open and run our new program in Charlotte, NC!

What excites you most about returning to WINGS? 

I'm extremely excited about the opportunity for WINGS to grow in Charlotte and becoming known in a different city. I'm most excited about being able to run a WINGS program and networking with people in Charlotte and making them more aware of the importance of the program. 

What is your favorite WINGS memory to date?

My favorite WINGS memory to date was our Family Reunion WildWINGS my first year at WINGS at Chicora. Our nests were switched for the whole week that week and I had all different kids, but that Friday, I got to get my nest back. I was super excited because I got to give them their shirts that I made them with our nest name on it. We had a blast that day and really enjoyed each other’s company and making amends with one another. I also got pied in the face - SO MUCH FUN! That's what I love about WINGS - it creates that family atmosphere for college students and the kids we serve. The program really made me feel like a part of an extended family with my family being far away, and it makes kids feel the same way, like they have this large extended family that cares and loves them, which is extremely important in the communities that we serve. Also, WINGS allows you to be who you are and be silly. It's a very accepting environment. 


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Recent Grants

  • The Wallace Foundation
  • Addlestone Foundation
  • IBM
  • Wells Fargo
  • Mark Elliot Motley Foundation
  • Ida Alice Ryan Charitable Trust
  • Zeist Foundation
  • Henry & Sylvia Yaschik Foundation
  • Bennett Thrasher Foundation
  • Blackbaud Fund Coastal Community Foundation

 Partners & Publicity


  • Ted's Butcherblock hosts Friday night wine tasting for $5 and they've picked WINGS to receive 100% of the proceeds for the next 3 months. Cheers to us!

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