Meet Alisha

Alisha is one of our second graders at James Simons Elementary. A member of the Egrets nest, Alisha is extra special – managing her emotions like a pro after only six months with WINGS.

When Alisha started at WINGS this past fall she often exaggerated her emotions in an effort to gain attention from peers and WINGSLeaders. But as the weeks ticked by, and more social and emotional learning objectives were introduced each week, we've watched as Alisha has began to apply these objectives to help her problem solve and tackle just about any situation head on. As our Creed encourages, Alisha understands that "working together is a must," and she is described by her WINGSLeader, Elizabeth Smith, as someone who works hard at being a great friend to everyone she meets.

"Alisha is always letting her WINGS out and finding a way to live what our Creed teaches," says Elizabeth. "It's clear she cherishes her relationships with others, and she consistently works hard to make the best decisions each day even if it means going against the crowd."

We're so proud to see our newest WINGS kids at James Simons soaring, and can't wait to keep up with their continued flight track over the coming years!

"While we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside us."

-Ben Franklin

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