Meet Cheryl

We have a motto around WINGS to “be a bus driver”— encouraging us all to be warm, welcoming, and an ambassador for the WINGS creed each and every day. Cheryl is undeniably a bus driver. She’s kind and caring, and we’ve been lucky to have her positive energy floating around our offices this summer before she’s off to serve as Program Director at James Simons Elementary.

For these reasons we’re happy that Cheryl will be serving as Program Director at James Simons Elementary, a new extension of WINGS and one that comes about at an important time for the estimated 120 students who will take part in the program there this year.

James Simons will be one of five schools (WINGS school Memminger Elementary is another) that have been relocated this year from downtown Charleston to temporary locations due to concerns of the schools’ seismic readiness. As James Simons students return to unfamiliar halls this year, we’re glad to know that Cheryl and her staff of 11 part-time WINGSLeaders will be there to greet them as “bus drivers” and prepare the students with the social and emotional smarts needed to soar at their new location and for many years to come.

Cheryl returned to WINGS this summer after spending four years in early education in Atlanta. When asked why she was looking forward to being back at WINGS, she said, “WINGS is a place you want to be, something you want to feel, and never shy away from. It just works! You must see to believe it.”

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