Meet Destiny

6th Grader at Memminger Elementary

Destiny Singleton entered WINGS as a second grader at Memminger Elementary, marking this year her fifth and final year with our program before she’s off to soar to even greater heights.
We consider Destiny one of our WINGS success stories, and it’s in watching Destiny live out the creed and strengthen in her own self-awareness that keeps us charging ahead at WINGS—so we can ultimately equip as many kids as possible with the opportunity to grow in the same fashion.

In the five years Destiny has been with WINGS we’ve watched her grow into her own skin, and she possesses a real sense of individuality that we hope for all our WINGS kids. Because she’s had the advantage of living the creed every school day for the last several years, she’s the first to point out to other WINGS kids, and at times even WINGSLeaders, when one of their actions isn’t in line with the “WINGS way.”

Memminger Elementary Program Director, Cristy McCrery, has watched Destiny mature at WINGS and take on a strong leadership role within her WINGS “nest” and our program—especially at an age when it is much easier for kids to follow the pack.

Of all the stanzas in our creed, Cristy uses the following to best describe Destiny’s outlook: “I understand the choices I make should be what’s best for me to do, and what happens is on me and not any of you.

Kudos to you, Destiny! You make us very proud.

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