Meet Jessica, Pelicans nest – NCES

Jessica is one of our fourth grade Pelicans at North Charleston Elementary School (NCES). We think she’s especially great because she’s able to manage her emotions like a pro, and even when negative situations present themselves, she applies WINGS objectives to help her make responsible decisions.

Jessica’s WINGSLeader, also coincidentally named Jessica, praises the youngster for being “kind and caring” to everyone who crosses her path. This is something that makes us especially proud, as being kind and caring is something we have our kids pledge daily when they recite our Creed… “Kind and Caring I will be. I listen to you, you listen to me.”

Jessica is in her second year of the WINGS program, and throughout the past year WINGSLeaders have watched her grow leaps and bounds. She entered WINGS as a shy third grader and has grown into a confident fourth grader, who often greets her WINGSLeader and Program Director, Stephanie Smith, with a big hug.

She’s described as thoughtful, sweet, and respectful, and she counts her favorite Choice Times as Fresh Fast Foods and WINGS coffee shop.

Congrats, Jessica! We’re happy to see you’re finding your WINGS.

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