Meet Kierystn: A second grader in the Cardinals nest at Memminger

Kierystn is one of our stand-out WINGS kids at Memminger Elementary. The second grader and member of the Cardinals nest is wise beyond her seven years and soars with social and emotional skills we wish for all our kids.

The key to a strong social and emotional education is developing a deep understanding, love, and respect for oneself. Not always easy for kids or adults to master, but we're so proud of the way Kierystn has perfected this art at such a young age. Her WINGSLeader, Karon Picott, says that Kierystn is best summed up by the line in the WINGS Creed, "I love and accept who I am on the inside and know my emotions are nothing to hide."

Memminger Program Director, Shameka Waiters, says she's watched Kierystn really blossom thanks to the WINGS program. On a recent WINGS day, she watched as Kierystn''s nest was playing a game, and was proud to see the second grader jump right in and strategize with her peers like a leader. When Kierystn first began at WINGS she was much more hesitant to step up in that way, and her progress reminds us what WINGS is all about.

We're so proud of Kierystn for all her hard work this year, and we know she'll soar on a straight track long after she takes off from WINGS. Keep it up, Kierystn!

"The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them."

- Ralph Nichols

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