Meet Lisandro Cordova

Lisandro is in his second year at WINGS at North Charleston Elementary School and is a member of the Falcons “nest” of third grade boys. His WINGSLeader, Justin Scott, describes him as living proof of someone who, as our WINGS Creed says, “loves and accepts who he is on the inside.”

Loving ourselves, despite our differences, is hard enough as adults much less as a kid, with all the pressures of “fitting in.” We’re so proud of Lisandro for “letting his WINGS out” as we say around WINGS and for being an ambassador for the WINGS lessons we teach through our curriculum and our Creed. We love it when we see our kids bring these lessons into their lives and become a living example of what we’re teaching.

Program Director at North Charleston Elementary School, Stephanie Smith, describes Lisandro as a very happy person, who lives like he enjoys every day just a little more than the last. He enjoys his Choice Times, which include Ping Pong and “I’m stuffed,” where his group has made everything from Thanksgiving-style stuffing to handmade piñatas.

But one of Lisandro’s most outstanding qualities is his ability to brush off negative behavior when he sees or hears it, without letting it affect him. He refuses to join in if he sees other kids making bad choices, understanding as we teach through our Creed, “the choices I make should be what’s best for me to do, and what happens is on me and not any of you.

Keep soaring, Lisandro!

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