Meet Marcus

Marcus Wells encourages the kids at WINGS never to give up but he says that actually they are the ones who inspire him to endure. The WINGS Peace Place manager just graduated from the College of Charleston while working two jobs and it was anything but easy.

Marcus has worked for WINGS for 3 years, providing one-on-one assistance for kids who are having trouble controlling their behavior. The Peace Place allows for individual attention that frees WINGSLeaders to concentrate on programming, and helps kids understand the benefits of good conduct.

“My main thing is to teach them to stop and think before they act. There are consequences not just for you but for others. And Sometimes you can’t make amends so easily. There are things that can’t be fixed overnight,” said Marcus.

From a family of 5 boys, raised by a single mother who worked in the library during the day and cleaning offices at night, Marcus also works at a group home for troubled kids as a living skills counselor. He wants to start his own nonprofit one day, centered on art therapy. He frankly says that putting himself through the College of Charleston, there were many days when he doubted he could finish school.

“I really can’t believe I did it. I wanted to give up so many times. I would call my mom or a professor, and they would say, ‘You can do it!’ I owe the WINGS kids so much. They really helped me keep going. You should see their faces when they say to me, ‘You go to college?” with so much admiration.”

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