Meet Sarah

Sarah, a second year WING’er at Chicora Elementary, is one of our clearest examples of WINGS in action!

Sarah is best described by her WINGSLeader, Kimberley Martin, as confident, responsible, and empathetic. What makes her an especially stand-out WINGS kid is that she not only lives the WINGS Creed herself, but she is often found “creeding” her peers as well—pointing out how their actions are or are not in line with what the Creed teaches.

A good example took place in WINGS’ Academic Center recently. Sarah had finished her homework and was reading a book when she saw one of peers needed help. She raised her hand to ask is she could help her nest mate, and Kimberly thanked Sarah for being kind and caring enough to use one of her strengths (Math) to help another student with her homework.

It’s clear that Sarah is seen as a leader among fellow girls in her Cardinals nest, many of whom follow her cues, and she often steps in as a peace keeper when tiffs sprout within the nest.

What’s more, Sarah is said to be one of the first to step up and introduce herself to visitors who pass through. Thanks for being you, Sarah. You Soar!

"The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn."

- John Lubbock

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