Meet Shakeila

Shakeila is a stand-out second grader and member of the Doves nest at Chicora Elementary. Not only does she strive to make the best choices for herself, but she goes out of her way every day to motivate fellow WINGS kids to also reach their personal best.

Shakeila has been in WINGS for two years now, and as our Creed encourages, is an expert at being “kind and caring to everyone” she meets.

Her WINGSLeader, Kerri Middleton, says Shakeila is especially impressive because she is always eager to learn more, and she is often caught putting WINGS’ weekly objective to practice. Kerri recalls one day in particular when the kids in her nest were having trouble working together and getting into their circle for discussion time. Shakeila addressed the nest as a whole and asked everyone to work together and follow Kerri’s rules and expectations (putting the lines of our Creed to work!). Before Kerri could join her nest for discussion the group was sitting quietly in a circle and working together like pros.  

Kids like Shakeila inspire us to charge ahead with our mission. We know Shakeila will go far, but in the meantime we’re happy to have her under our wing for the next few years!

"All learning has an emotional base."

- Plato

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