Meet Shanay

When Shanay walked into our WINGS program early last school year, she was described as a quiet and soft-spoken young girl, who more often than not kept to herself. When she left our program this past May, she walked out with confidence and an extra pep in her step—exhibiting signs of a true leader.

"Shanay is not a follower," says WINGSLeader Veronica Smith. "Throughout the course of the school year I watched as she absorbed the lessons we were teaching each week and continued to develop her decision-making skills."

Shanay doesn't allow negative situations to ruin her own happiness, and last school year she was shown to grown in her own confidence and ability to voice her opinions.

A great example of this took place at the end of the school year, when one of her nestmates was being teased by another girl about her new hairdo. Shanay stood up for her nestmate, and she reminded the WINGS girl who was teasing her to remember that others are unique. Shanay's WINGSLeader praised her for being kind and caring, and for putting the WINGS Creed to practice.

You soar-r-iffic, Shanay... keep flying high!

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet."

— Bobby Unser

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