Meet Veronica

Veronica is a fourth grader and member of the Pelicans nest at North Charleston Elementary School. WINGS began at North Charleston Elementary last year, and Veronica is one of our returning youngsters, who makes us especially proud.

When Veronica settled into WINGS last year her teachers described her as one of the shiest kids in the class. But with more than a year of WINGS under her belt, we’ve seen her personality blossom and watched as Veronica has found positive ways to express herself and her emotions both in WINGS and, as this year’s teachers report, in the classroom.

Jessica, Veronica’s WINGSLeader, describes the fourth grader as a stand-out member of her nest, one of those rare girls who works well with just about anyone she meets and is, as our creed states, kind and caring to everyone who crosses her path.

Next year will be Veronica’s last year at WINGS, as she takes off after her 5th grade year to soar into middle school. But in the meantime we’re happy to see her continue to grow and prepare for a bright future.

Keep flying high, Veronica! You make us very proud.

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