Partner Programs

WINGS Partner Programs are a network of youth serving organizations and schools that use the WINGS model to integrate social-emotional learning into their program time. We provide consultation and professional development for districts, schools, or organizations who are ready to take a comprehensive approach to embedding SEL in the afterschool time, school day, or both. 

It starts with culture and climate, creating a learning environment where SEL thrives.

Our work with partners is designed to create comprehensive, sustainable, and impactful SEL strategies that can be integrated into existing programs.

At the core of our approach lies adult social and emotional skills and practices. Once adults comprehend and internalize these skills on an individual level, they are then able to transfer their skills and knowledge in their capacity as educators and mentors.

We start with a series of intensive professional development workshops focused on the adult skills and practices needed to create an environment where social and emotional learning can thrive.

A multi‐day workshop, Living the Creed, kicks off the project and lays the foundation. Then, three additional web based sessions provide opportunity to delve deeper into key concepts, skill building, and application. 

All of which serves to create a learning environment where SEL thrives: (1) encourages kids to become the best version of themselves, (2) creates a community where everyone is valued, and (3) makes learning fun! 

“BEST training I have ever attended! I have a whole new mindset.” 

“I see how the little things I do can make a big difference to a kid. I know now how I can be a better model of positive behavior and choices with my students.”

If you'd like to partner with WINGS contact Julia Rugg:

Read about our latest district-wide partnership with Pomona Unified School District here