The WINGS Program Model


  • College students are recruited as WINGSLeaders/AmeriCorps Members and as role models for success
  • WINGSLeaders receive more than 85 hours of training and constant coaching
  • WINGSLeaders have the opportunity to greatly influence their Nest of 10-12 kids, whom they are responsible for
  • As Members, WINGSLeaders grow and strengthen their own social and emotional skills, better preparing themselves for successful careers and personal relationships


  • Kids are referred by teachers and principals based on their struggles in school and lack of family support at home
  • Not a drop-in program, kids attend 3 hours per day/5 days per week
  • Equals 34 weeks of programming and 450 program hours
  • Kids attend at no cost to parents; WINGS provides scholarships for all kids


  • Community Unity – kids sit with their Nest, enjoy a snack, and participate in lessons / activities introduced by the Program Coordinator and Coach. Awards are given out, community announcements shared, and kids and staff recite the WINGS Creed together.
  • Enrichment Time – kids join trimester-long electives like lacrosse, acting, yoga, or writing called Choice Time, let out energy during freeplay, or participate in Kindred Kids
  • Academic Center – kids receive help with their homework and participate in Academic Center Stations that use books and games to further foster lessons in SEL, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and ELA (English language arts).

The WINGS Creed –

We’ve made the core competencies of emotional intelligence easy to understand and fun to learn. The WINGS Creed provides a common language that is memorable and transferable to any situation or environment. WINGSLeaders and kids not only recite the WINGS Creed, they live it during program time and as a compass for navigating all aspects of life.