• A book entitled "Leap of Reason: Managing to Outcomes in an Era of Scarcity" by Mario Morino was published in the spring of 2011 and illustrates the importance of nonprofits managing their outcomes and the shift from nonprofits who tell stirring stories to those who are well-managed and can demonstrate meaningful impact. WINGS was highlighted in the book.
  • Our program is so successful, a book was written about it! Bringing Yourself to Work by Michelle Seligson and Patricia Stahl.
  • The Foundation Center published a WINGS grant application to the William Bingham Foundation in their 2012 Guide to Winning Proposals as one to follow.
  • WINGS was featured in Paul Bloom's new book Scaling Your Social Venture. Bloom highlights us for our Theory of Change, citing that creating a Theory of Change is in fact the essential first step to delivering impact.
  • David Hunter's book entitled Working Hard & Working Well features WINGS for Kids as an example of the effectiveness of short term outcomes in managing performance. In addition to launching a long-term study, WINGS has codified a sequence of short-term outcomes that measure daily and track weekly for each participant in our program.
  • WINGS CEO Bridget Laird was an honored contributor in Markets for Good Selected Readings: Making Sense of Data and Information in the Social Sector where she discusses how continuous flows of data can sharpen outcomes and impact in delivering on a mission.