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We are SO excited to prepare for our 5th year of service in Atlanta! 

This fall, WINGS Atlanta will grow to five school partners and will serve more than 600 students every day! We welcome Atlanta Public Schools' Hutchinson Elementary to the WINGS family. Hutchinson joins our current Fulton County Schools locations, which include Bethune, Nolan, Lewis and Heritage Elementary Schools.



We're also interviewing for new team members to join us as WINGSLeaders in August. This is a part-time service opportunity for college students and recent graduates who love kids and believe that social-emotional learning is a key strategy to achieving high student outcomes.

Check out these testimonials from current team members:

Reflecting on the past two years that I’ve served with AmeriCorps through WINGS, the most valuable lesson that I’ve learned is that serving others requires perseverance. Signing up to be an AmeriCorps member was a conscious choice I made knowing that there were going to days where I didn’t ‘feel’ like serving. However, anything that’s meaningful and worthwhile in life requires true grit and commitment. This service opportunity taught me that serving isn’t a choice based merely on ‘feelings’. Feelings, while they may be justifiable and 100% real, cannot be the sole reason why we are motivated to serve. Being an AmeriCorps member is a commitment that isn’t always going to be convenient, but I can say it with confidence that it was an opportunity to challenge and stretch myself both professionally and personally.


When applying to WINGS for kids, I was not aware that I would make such an impact on the lives of others. Before, I only thought of my position as a WINGSLeader as just "another job" that operated in the most convenient hours I could find as a college student. However, whenever I stepped into the doors of Heritage Elementary School for training, my expectations were proved invalid. I immediately learned the difference between "working" and "serving." Though my experiences growing up were similar to many of the kids, I took notice to how much my upbringing swayed me away from the tribulations I witnessed. Therefore, the opportunity that AmeriCorps and WINGS for kids awarded me with was a definite eye opener that granted me the ability to be more grateful and compassionate for all people. All things considered, my position as a WINGSLeader has taught me to remain open minded to the people who can come into your life, change your perspective, and help you to become a better person.

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