She's Got WINGS

With contagious optimism, Suzan Zoukis jumped onboard the Dialin’ and Dancin’ campaign and made a believer of husband Stephen. As the WINGS Creed says, “I am a friend – I support and trust.” Suzan’s early trust showed the way. And the couple’s matching gift doubled the value of other donations.

She’s Got WINGS And Spreads Them

The early vote of confidence that Suzan Zoukis gave this campaign showed the way not just for other donors inspired by the Zoukises’ $25,000 matching grant, but for the WINGS staff.

“Suzan trusted that we could pull off this crazy effort. It was what gave me confidence that I wasn’t alone on that street corner,” says CEO Ginny Deerin. “Her can-do attitude is a gift to WINGS that goes way beyond the $25,000 match.”

A mother, grandmother, partner with her husband in real estate ventures, and artist who has transformed old homes into showplaces, Suzan Zoukis is a member of the WINGS Board whose can-do attitude is an inspiration.

She’s got WINGS.

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