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Windy Tuck

Last month U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, addressed 51 Mom Congress delegates with these words: "Preparing our children for success in school and in life is everyone's responsibility, and as their child's first teacher, parents have a crucial role to play"—words that this month's She has WINGS winner, Windy Tuck, lives by.

South Carolina's Windy Tuck was one of the 51 Mom Congress delegates chosen to hear Arne Duncan's address. A mother of two, Windy is a living example of the social and emotional lessons (SEL) we teach our kids; lessons that underscore the importance of responsible decision making and how to build healthy relationships.

When her kids were small, Windy quit her job to volunteer at her children's school, and she spent years lending a hand anywhere it was needed—creating school newsletters, designing bulletin boards, stacking library books. In a recent write-up on Windy in her local newspaper, she reinforces Duncan's words, placing a great deal of responsibility on parents and the community to aide in educating our future leaders.

When asked why it is important for parents to be involved in school, she says it only helps to show your kids that education is important and valuable. And she encourages parents to spend even just 15 minutes a day reading with their kids, or take the time to attend just one PTO meeting a year, adding we all make time for what we want to do. (Sure does sound WINGSy to us..."I understand the choices I make should be what's best for me to do...").

WINGS thinks Windy is great, and we're not alone. She was twice named District Volunteer of the Year, and it was Parenting magazine that picked Windy out of the pack to represent South Carolina at the publication's second annual conference this year.

A big thanks to Windy for being such a great example of SEL in action and for reminding us that we all can and do play a role in educating our kids. You SOAR!

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."

- Albert Einstein

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