WINGSLeader Snapshot

Jalen Ballard, 19

I am a: Sophomore at Georgia State University

Major: Psychology       Minor: Spanish

WINGer since: 2012

What career or field are you looking to pursue after graduation?
Not really sure at this time, but I'm hoping that I'll gain a little insight from working with WINGS.

What have you learned through working at WINGS?
I've learned new ways to manage my emotions when interacting with the children. Initially, I was unsure of how patienct I could be, but I'm learning that I am more patient then I'd initially thought I would be. WINGS has taught me that not only do the kids have to learn to manage emotions, but WINGSLeaders do too.

Has working with kids and WINGS changed you in any way (habits, behavior, interactions, perspective, etc.) and how?
I have become more patient and open to everyone in my life. I've grown to understand that everyone has flaws and it is not our place to judge them, but to find ways to embrace and respect everyone.

What is your favorite part of WINGS?
Academic Center because it's amazing to watch the kids transition from a playful demeanor to serious, determined individuals.

What his Program Director Says:
Jalen is an outstanding WL that puts a lot of time and effort into understanding his kids. He's never afraid to ask questions or try new things to make sure he's serving the kids in the best way possible. He's a dependable person on the staff, and if you every need a quick laugh, Jalen can definitely give you one.




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