WINGSLeader Snapshot

Courtney Browne, 22

WINGSLeaders are AmeriCorps members who are actively enrolled in college. For 2-4 years they mentor and teach at-risk elementary age kids powerful lessons in social and emotional learning (SEL) while inevitably strengthening their own skills and character. We've seen these bright young leaders soar on to promising careers including principals, teachers, lawyers, marketing execs, youth development workers, and guidance counselors. Studies show 90% of top workplace performers have high Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and this impact is so deep that we recently addressed and added its effect to our Theory of Change.

Courtney Browne is a WINGSLeader serving Chicora Elementary School students. We asked her some questions to learn more about her, and here's what she said:

I am a: Senior at College of Charleston

Major: Biology

WINGer since: 2013

What career or field are you looking to pursue after graduation?
Short term I am doing Teach for America in the 2013 Chicago Corps. I will be teaching high school Biology. After that I am unsure, but I have a passion for interacting with people and counteracting social problems.

What have you learned through your service at WINGS?
I've been immersed in a culture that was previously foreign to me. The staff, as well as the kids, have taught me valuable lessons. I have learned to be patient, accept others, be confident, and pursue new opportunities.

Has WINGS changed you in any way (habits, behavior, interactions, perspective, etc.) and how?
I have become more aware that every person is unique. You cannot expect everyone to react the same way to every situation. Additionally, each person has their own personal problems that may be affecting a situation. You've got to work hard to step into their shoes.

What is your favorite part of WINGS?
My favorite thing about WINGS is learning something new every day. Kids are so unpredictable, so you never know what you'll come away with at the end of the day.

What Chicora Elementary Peace Manager, Yancy Martin says:
"Courtney is a very hard working WINGSLeader. She is consistent and always gives her Nest 100% of her energy."




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