WINGSLeader Snapshot

Crystal Johnson, 22

WINGSLeaders are AmeriCorps members who are actively enrolled in college. For 2-4 years they mentor and teach at-risk elementary age kids powerful lessons in social and emotional learning (SEL) while inevitably strengthening their own skills and character. We've seen these bright young leaders soar on to promising careers including principals, teachers, lawyers, marketing execs, youth development workers, and guidance counselors. Studies show 90% of top workplace performers have high Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and this impact is so deep that we recently addressed and added its effect to our Theory of Change.

Crystal Johnson is a WINGSLeader serving Heritage Elementary School students. We asked her some questions to learn more about her, and here's what she said:

I am a: Senior at Spelman College

Major: Psychology

WINGer since: 2012

What career or field are you looking to pursue after graduation?
After I serve with Teach for America in Miami, FL I will be pursuing my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology or Educational Psychology

What have you learned through your service at WINGS?
I have benefited tremendously from serving at WINGS. I have learned a lot about myself both positive and negative. I have grown to know myself as a patient individual, but I'm also a person who needs to improve my relationships skills.

Has WINGS changed you in any way (habits, behavior, interactions, perspective, etc.) and how?
I have changed my habits in several ways. Not only have I used more positive reinforcement with my nephews rather than punishing them, but I have shown that my emotions are nothing to hide amongst my peers and family. Expressing myself has helped me to "love and accept who I am on the inside" even when others don't understand why I feel a certain way.

What is your favorite part of WINGS?
The moments when the kids in my nest support me and I see that they are learning the objectives and applying them to everyday life. During discussion time I have the opportunity to see the variety of personalities and learn more about who they are.

What her Program Director, Heather Williams says:
Crystal is an outstanding and hardworking WINGSLeader that is on her way to greatness! She not only does a wonderful job teaching and coaching the kids on how to live the Creed but she is an awesome example of how we all should live the Creed. It has been a joy to work with her and I'm grateful that I've had the opportunity to work with such a positive and high spirited individual that truly wants to enrich the kids' lives!




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