Thank Tank

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it's the one day of the year that we take time to be thankful for the things we have and those around us. Instead of focusing on giving thanks just one day a year, why not show your gratitude to those around you all year long?

Gratitude takes practice.  It’s easy to notice the negatives and complain about the little things that bug us each day. Noticing all there is to be thankful for can lead to happier days!

To practice showing gratitude at home, create a “Thank Tank,” for your family. 

  • Grab a vase, jar, or any container that the family designates as the “tank”
  • Using different colored objects, assign each member of the family a specific color.  
    • For example: construction paper, marbles, fruit loops, or even colored candy
  • Any time someone is thankful for a member of the family, they add that person’s color item to the “Thank Tank.”
  • As a family come up with a reward.  Then, the challenge becomes to fill the “Thank Tank” to reach the reward. Try to fill the tank several times a year! 

Whether it’s helping with the dishes, giving a sibling the front seat in the car, or allowing someone to have the last juice box, families do a lot for each other and being grateful for those little things can promote a more positive household.

Note: Parents should model how to be thankful for one another by adding to the “Thank Tank” often and explaining the reasons for their gratitude.  

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