WINGS Theory of Change

How WINGS transforms kids’ lives


When kids get WINGS for just two years, they develop strong social and emotional skills which:

  • improve behavior and school attendance in elementary school
  • lead to better behavior and school attachment in middle school
  • increase the future hope and expectation of graduating from high school
  • aid in avoiding jail and teenage parenthood


When college students serve as WINGSLeaders for a year or more, they develop and deepen their own social and emotional skills while building meaningful relationships with kids and healthy relationships with peers leading to:

  • the utilization of these skills to gain success professionally as educators, youth leaders, and business leaders
  • achieving success personally as partners, parents, and youth mentors



WINGS advocates on the national level for social and emotional education. As a result:

  • Thought leaders and policy makers envision and enact better policies to provide social and emotional education
  • WINGS’ best practices for social and emotional learning spread to parents, teachers and throughout the field of education and youth development

One of the extended benefits of our program is the overall improved classroom climate due to the positive reflection and improved social and emotional skills of the WINGS kids