He's Got WINGS

Step into their shoes, the WINGS Creed says, and understand how others feel. That’s what YouTube had in mind when inventing a video plea from this teenage boy hounded by cyberbullies. Already 625,000 people have watched this creative campaign to help kids empathize.

Inventive Viral Reminder to Support and Trust

Bullying has followed kids online, where they do so much of their communicating – and learning.

With an inventive teaching tool, YouTube created this campaign featuring a fictitious 15-year-old boy known online as “DolphinKing97” together with the National Crime Prevention Council to fight bullying and raise kids’ awareness of what to do if it happens to them or someone they know.

The campaign says that “bullying hurts as much online as off,” and offers straightforward steps to take. By reminding kids to refuse to pass along bullying messages and to stand up for what’s right and tell friends to stop cyberbullying, this effort echoes the WINGS Creed: “I am a friend, I support and trust.”

For reminding more than a half-million people to empathize, and to support and trust, YouTube’s DolphinKing97 has WINGS.

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