They've Got WINGS

The support and trust that the WINGS Creed advocates is exemplified by Wayland and Marion Cato’s gift of an exciting new arts center at the College of Charleston that offers a whole new level of support for artists in our community.

The Cato family’s generous gift built the new 71,000-square-foot building that more than doubles the facilities of The School of the Arts at the college, providing space for dance, theater, photography, music and the visual arts.

"It has been our great honor and pleasure to work with the College of Charleston to see the opening of the exciting new arts center. We are thrilled with the new building and very proud to have our names associated with it," Wayland and Marion Cato told The Post and Courier. "There is so much talent on this campus in so many fields.

"We have a great love of the arts and hope that this exceptional new facility will help to nourish the creativity that we have been privileged to see at the college for many, many years. A great many people have been part of the tremendous effort to see this beautiful building come to a realization, and we thank all of them for all that they have done."

For their gracious and steadfast support for the artists of our community, we salute Wayland and Marion Cato.
They’ve got WINGS.

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