They Have WINGS

Granted, most of the individuals who chose to enter a career in guest services are “people pleasers,” and you can expect to see them exhibit kind and caring behavior while on the job. But what makes the 21-person guest services team at Charleston Place Hotel so special is the way they extend a healthy dose of kind and empathetic behavior to guests, colleagues, and passerbys alike, both on and off the clock.

In the midst of their bustling holiday season, the guest services team at Charleston Place Hotel found time to go out of their way to brighten the season for two of our WINGS alums, Mar'kell and Michael Mack. Under the lead of Carlos Restrepo, the team went in together to pool extra funds and surprise our WINGS brothers with a brand new pair of bikes.

The two brothers graduated from WINGS a few years ago (they are now in 8th and 9th grade) and since leaving our program have been under the wing of Charleston Place Hotel's Director of Rooms Division, Leon Scott, who serves as a mentor to the two boys. Leon is a longtime WINGS supporter and newly inducted WINGS Board Member. He is serious about helping the brothers stay the course, and he is committed to seeing them earn fulfilling jobs and one day graduate from college.

What's so great is that the bikes were given as a surprise to all — Leon nor the brothers knew they were coming — and the guest services crew wasn't looking for anything in return. Of course, being the WINGS graduates they are, both Mar'kell and Michael went down to the hotel to personally thank the team for their special treat.

A big thanks to the staff at Charleston Place Hotel for the smiles they've brought to the faces of the Mack brothers, our WINGS staff, and surely many others throughout the Charleston community. We're so thankful to have such socially and emotionally bright individuals right in our backyard!

"All learning has an emotional base."

- Plato

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