Tic, Tic, Tic...BOOM

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Ever feel like a bomb just went off and you were the only person in the world who felt it?

Well, take it from me; YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Like a bomb, when something erupts in your life it comes as of a surprise. The truth is, there are often signs of when something crazy is going to occur in your life. However, there are moments in which you just never know and BOOM something happens. 

You see, it’s the moments we are most startled by, the moments that we never seem to anticipate, the incidents that are packed with so much emotion, and the situations that have the most negative end result. These are the things we tend to think of as the big bomb that went off and no one felt it but us. The reality is it’s everyone’s reality and not just yours. As days tic by in life we are sometimes dealt challenges in which we must face. Just as easy as when we realize the bomb just went off, we easily become a mirror image of that ticking bomb that’s ready to explode ourselves. However, it’s how we choose to react that makes a difference. Having self-control doesn’t just affect your outcome; it affects the outcome of even those who are around you.

Take for an example a little boy of a single mother and a middle child of three who grew up hoping one day he could reconnect with his father. That one day came but was short lived because the one mother he has suddenly becomes ill and passes away. Imagine being this young boy…In one moment you have just reconnected with someone you have yearned to love once again, and in another you lose the one and only unconditional love you’ve had all your life. Talk about a bomb exploding!

Now imagine yourself as this child. All of a sudden you’re encountering sleepless nights, attending school each day with the expectation that you need to focus, you are living in fear that your father may not stay; all while trying to anticipate what will happen in your life next. Where you were once guided as a child you are now lost. You have no one to turn to, no coping skills, no life experiences to mimic, no parental guidance…what do you do? How do you gain self-control? Who do you talk to? How do you explain how you feel?

As an adult those questions may be a little easier to respond to, but as a child you are clueless. Now imagine if someone showed you what the power of positive self-talk could do or how to understand and share your emotions with others. You would no longer be a child who is clueless when faced with challenge, but a child who is just a little stronger, more confident, encouraged, and eager to succeed at challenges. This reminds me of the many children who have WINGS and will soar above life’s explosions.

Take time to each day to encourage someone, share a life lesson or past experience, share a smile or a hug; you never know the impact you will have on someone’s life. Especially when life throws you a bomb and it goes off!

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