He's Got WINGS

Facing up to his choices in the classroom wasn’t easy, but Uriah Singleton shouldered his responsibility in school, and his triumphant football coach said that’s why the running back has been such a success on the field.

Because of poor grades, Uriah � a former WINGS kid � was ineligible to play football for Northwood Academy until the very last matchup of the regular season during his sophomore year. His previous choices kept him from playing the game at which he excelled.

Uriah and both of his sisters, Porsche and Asia, attended WINGS at Memminger Elementary School. His WINGSLeader was Anthony Dixon, now Memminger�s principal. Uriah loves WINGS so much that he�s planning to return as a volunteer as soon as football season ends. He also has high hopes of attending the Citadel or Charleston Southern University when he graduates.

He said he learned a lot about how to manage his emotions at WINGS, and to face up to consequences.

At WINGS, the Creed says that �the choices I make should be what�s best for me to do, and what happens is on me and not any of you.�

Uriah faced up to those choices, and made some new ones. His academic improvement put him back in the game, and last year�s performance totaled 2,300 yards and 34 touchdowns to help the Norwood Chargers win their first SCISA state championship in 5 years.

Said his coach, Jerry Stoots, �Kids who do well in the classroom know how to apply themselves when it comes to studying or playing sports. �Uriah�s done a great job, and so has his mother (Viki Pittman). ...She�s been the driving force... and gave him encouragement when times were tough.�

This student athlete with dreams of college or even the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis has amassed more than 5,000 yards to date!

For facing up to his choices, and making us proud on the field and in the classroom, we salute Uriah.

He�s got WINGS.

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