What Makes WINGS Unique

WINGS is the only U.S. organization focused solely on providing social and emotional education within after school programs.

We use a codified, research-based curriculum that requires the entry of data on a daily basis to track our kids’ progress and ensure that we are delivering our desired outcomes of improving social and emotional skills, behavior, attendance, and academic performance.

Kids | Teach & Reinforce

  • 30 social and emotional learning objectives strengthen attachment to school and diminish self-defeating behavior
  • Small lessons are integrated into group activities that kids like; capitalizing on spontaneous teachable moments
  • Objectives relate to self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, social awareness, relationship skills
  • Each week builds upon the last; WINGS does not operate on a drop-in basis as so many after school programs do
  • WINGS provides regular homework time supervised by adults; keeping parents and teachers connected with routine check-ins and written academic progress reports

Staff | Recruit & Train

  • College students are carefully recruited as role models for educational success
  • Training is rigorous– more than 65 hours – with constant coaching
  • We maintain small staff-student ratios – 1 to 10-12 – and hold WINGS Leaders accountable for results

ETO | Monitor & Measure

Our performance management system – called Efforts To Outcomes – tracks progress by individuals, by each Nest of 10-12 kids, and by the WINGSLeaders accountable for results.

The high level of precision in record-keeping helps individualize interventions for maximum effectiveness, maintains quality, and keeps WINGSLeaders focused on exactly what their kids need to master particular learning objectives.

Curriculum | 30 Learning Objectives Intentionally embedded into every activity

  • The WINGS Creed - learning objectives in language kids understand
  • Community Unity – First 30 minutes dedicated to developing connections
  • Choice Times – Semester-long blocks of art, music, sports and more
  • Academic Time - Regular homework sessions with adult assistance
  • WINGSWorks - Helping others through community service
  • WildWINGS – Weekly fun that offers skills development, with a twist
  • Kids Praise Programs – Catching kids demonstrating new found skills