WINGS - SC Celebrates Black History Month

Posted by 9f on March 11, 2016 · Flag

During the month of February, WINGS kids at Burns Elementary immersed themselves in Black History Month. Each nest spent time throughout the month researching a famous African American, which culminated in an educational presentation to the whole flock!

By studying current events, like the tragedies around Trayvon Martin and Walter Scott, our kids learned real-life skills in social awareness. They were asked to "step into their shoes and see what they are going through" by interviewing members of the North Charleston community regarding their opinion on these events. 

WINGS kids at Burns also practiced controlling their emotions by giving up a "right" in the WINGS programs. Each nest gave up the right to extra snack, free play, etc., in order to simulate what it felt like to not have the same privilege as your peers. Students noted emotions such as anger, jealousy, disappointment, and frustration when it seems like life is not fair!

Black History Month at WINGS concluded with a Wild WINGS where WINGSLeaders each dressed up as a famous African American. They stated facts about that person and nests competed to guess who they were supposed to be! 

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