Meet Victor

Only a couple of months into the school year, and first-grader Victor Sanchez is already flying high! WINGSLeaders praise his self-control and teamwork. In his Sparrows Nest, he’s always quick to show support and cheer on the other kids with utmost enthusiasm.

Ms. Michelle, who leads the Sparrows, calls Victor a positive role model who wants everyone in his Nest to work together.He using kind and caring words, she says, and consistently strives to live the Creed throughout the WINGS day, whether it’s on the playground, in the hallways or during Choice Time. He’s been named a Choice Time Champion, an award given to kids who excel at mastering the skills intentionally woven into these elective activities.

Victor goes to four different Choice Times each week, and especially likes Lego Land, where he’s worked together with others to build a police station and a construction truck.

Victor’s also won recognition for not being sent to the Reflection Pond, where kids go when they don’t follow the WINGS rules. Victor’s shown remarkable self-control and self-discipline staying clear of the Reflection Pond.

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