Meet Tiera

Fourth-grader Tiera Alexander really emerged from her shell last year during the Great Outdoors Choice Tiime when she got lots of opportunities to practice speaking up and sharing ideas with teammates.

Tiera often sits back and lets other girls shine. She’s a quiet girl with a big shining smile. In the Cardinals Nest led by Ms. Esther, she practiced being a good listener, but the experience of the Great Outdoors Choice Time really improved the way she interacted with others.

During this Choice Time, the group played games like soccer, volleyball, badminton and horseshoes. The activities were fun, and the teamwork presented opportunities for give and take. Tiera learned to give and receive supportive not critical comments, and to be an active participant and leader.

All the WINGSLeaders were thrilled when Tiera collected a Role Model Award at the end of the year. The WINGS Role Model Award was given to nine WINGS kids who made it through an entire year without being sent from their Nest or getting any writeups for negative behavior. Tiera was so excited to receive the award and justifiably proud of her progress.


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