Meet Best Buddies

Second-graders Zyshonne Rivers and Marquise Brown are the best of friends. Both boys want to be policemen to help free their neighborhood from crime and violence. At WINGS they have been learning to find positive ways to express their emotions.

Zyshonne is an outgoing and athletic member of the Hawks Nest. He says what he likes best at WINGS are Academic Time and his Choice Time of WINGS Brigade, where kids work together on teams to accomplish fun challenges military-style. Activities include creating dog tags, team competitions and survival games.

He’s making big strides academically since the start of the year, in part because he’s using positive self talk to help motivate himself to get his homework done during Academic Time. Zyshonne describes himself as an “awesome” dancer who can do flips.

His buddy Marquise is also athletic, and a member of the Eagles Nest. He loves playing basketball and football during his favorite time at WINGS, which is Freeplay. At home he enjoys playing with dogs and video games. During this school year Marquise has greatly improved the way that he controls his emotions according to WINGSLeaders; he has also learned to share his feelings in ways that are positive and helpful.

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