Meet Imari

Everyone has noticed the effort that 2nd-grader Imari Simpson is making in her behavior, and recently she was nominated for the WINGS Silver Award as a result.

A member of Ms. Jessi’s Cardinals Nest, Imari has attended WINGS for 3 years. Her older brother recently graduated from WINGS.

Her WINGSLeader says she was nominated for the Silver Award – given to a 2nd or 3rd grade kid for demonstrating positive behavior and living The Creed – because she is working so hard to emerge from her shell and be a friend who supports and trusts. She can recite The Creed from start to finish.

Her 2nd-grade teacher commented on the change in Imari, saying: “Imari has been working really hard to improve her behavior in class! I am very proud of the progress she has made thus far.” She received a “perfect” behavior rating on her report card for the first 9 weeks of school.

Imari's favorite Choice Time activity is “Stick to It,” when the kids demonstrate their creativity to make an amazing array of projects out of nothing more than colored tape. Imari especially liked the “cool” fanny pack she fashioned out of tape.

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