Meet Kimberly

Colleges are clamoring to admit Kimberly Bowman! More than 20 colleges have accepted her, offering $630,000 in scholarships to this bubbly, outgoing WINGS kid with straight A’s who used to suffer crippling self-doubt as a shy little girl.

Shy No Longer, WINGS Kid Finds a “Springboard”
to Big Dreams

Now a senior at Burke High School with a 4.45 grade point average, living with her mother, Eileen Bowman, a housekeeping supervisor at a downtown hotel, Kimberly says she lacked confidence and self-esteem back in the Pelicans Nest. Her WINGSLeader, Jessica Lyles, now a member of the WINGS Board and associate brand manager for Le Creuset, has kept in touch over the years and calls her “an exceptional young lady.”

“When I first met Kimberly, she was very quiet and reserved. Over the years, she definitely became more open, even becoming the first to volunteer to help with activities and standing up for others in the group. WINGS has so many great exercises and activities that are so fun and interactive, kids don’t realize just how much they are learning in the process, says Jessica.

Jessica believes WINGS gave Kimberly “a springboard” and “validated her self-worth.” Kimberly agrees.

“WINGS helped me realize that I’m not the only person in the world that goes through (bad) things, that I’m not a bad person, and that I can do anything – and be anything – I want. It was a second home for me. A lot of the team activities helped me be more confident and make new friends,” she says.

Kimberly hasn’t yet decided what school she’ll attend. She’s waiting to hear from other colleges. “I applied to so many colleges because I wanted to give myself options and see what is out there for me.” She plans to major in art and journalism, with hopes of starting a magazine.

“I’m a colorful person,” Kimberly told the Charleston Post & Courier in an article about her accomplishments. She’s shattered the record at Burke High School for most scholarship money earned by an individual student. “It’s going to be about self-expression and individualism. I like to stand out.”

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