Meet Jazmin

First-grader Jazmin Brown goes out of her way to live the Creed by being kind and caring to the others in her Egrets Nest and any kids who cross her path. Her WINGSLeader Ms. Michelle says she is especially good at sharing whatever she has with other kids.

Ms. Michelle says Jazmin puts the Creed into action in her life daily at Chicora School of Communications. A fun-loving girl who always seems to have a smile on her face, Jazmin stays positive and helpful. She makes a point of looking after other kids when they are sad or having a bad day.

She loves to share with others, and constantly draws Ms. Michelle's attention to the positive things and choices she makes. That may be why she likes “Heys and Praise,” where WINGS kids and staff regularly give positive feedback on the good things they’ve noticed during the week.

Jazmin’s younger brother and sister also attend WINGS, and she loves playing with them. Her favorite Choice Times are Snap Shot photography and Movie Mania.

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