WINGS for kids is an award-winning education program that teaches kids how to behave well, make good decisions and build healthy relationships. Our program weaves social and emotional learning (SEL) objectives into curriculum designed to strengthen the connection to school and diminish bad behavior – the two factors that educational research shows determine future success. We’re proud to be a long-standing partner of AmeriCorps, 21st Century, and United Way.

The success of WINGS depends on our dedicated WINGSLeaders - local college students who lead the daily program throughout the school year.

By becoming a WINGSLeader, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Motivate and teach kids the skills necessary to achieve academic success and social and emotional skill development.
  • Bond, laugh, and be creative with kids and other WINGSLeaders.
  • Be part of an organization that celebrates your successes and guides you through your challenges.
  • Develop competitive workforce skills in leadership and social and emotional abilities.


What is the WINGS Creed?

Simply put, the Creed is made up of kid friendly terms that are part of the building blocks to comprehending what it means to behave well, build relationships, and make good decisions.  Just as kids learn the ABCs to read and write, our kids learn the Creed to be socially and emotionally smart.


I soar with WINGS. Let me tell you why.
I learn lots of skills that help me reach the sky.

I love and accept who I am on the inside
and know my emotions are nothing to hide.

Life’s full of surprises that make me feel different ways.
If I can control myself, I will have much better days.

I understand the choices I make should be what’s best for me to do,
and what happens is on me and not any of you.

I understand others are unique. I want to learn more about everyone I meet.
I want to step into their shoes and see what they are going through.

I am a friend. I support and trust. Working together is a must.

Kind and caring I will be. I listen to you. You listen to me.

I soar with WINGS. I just told you why.
All of these things are why I fly high.


What exactly is ‘social and emotional learning’ (SEL)? 

Social and emotional learning teaches us how to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our school and work lives. Kids growing up in poverty often miss these life lessons, and at WINGS we weave a comprehensive social and emotional education into a fresh and fun after school program. Kids get the life lessons they need to succeed and be happy as well as a safe place to call home after school. Take a look at the SEL Learning Objectives we weave into our WINGS curriculum every day!


Who are the kids that take part in WINGS?

WINGS serves the entire elementary school population (K through 5th grades).  We enroll students with frequent office referrals and behavioral challenges. Our kids often come from high-poverty households and transient homes where circumstances have made it difficult for them to receive the one-on-one attention and supervision they need to do well.  Become a part of WINGS to help make revolutionary changes in the lives of our kids.


Where will I serve?

Current WINGS locations: 

Charleston County School District, SC

North Charleston Elementary – North Charleston, SC

Chicora Elementary – North Charleston, SC

Memminger Elementary – Charleston, SC

Burns Elementary – North Charleston, SC 


Florence County School District 3, SC

Main Street Elementary – Lake City, SC


Fulton County School District, GA

Heritage Elementary – College Park, GA

S.L. Lewis Elementary – College Park, GA

Love T. Nolan Elementary - College Park, GA

Bethune Elementary - College Park, GA


Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District, NC

Bruns Academy - Charlotte, NC


On the application, please indicate your preferred region.  Your specific school site will be determined based on the needs of the organization, the greatest fit for you, and your availability.


What are the start and end dates?

The WINGS program for kids usually begins the second week of the elementary school start date (where you have been assigned) and ends the week before the last week of school. 

WINGS staff and members begin their service on the first day of training (8/3/15 for Atlanta; 8/10/15 for SC and Charlotte), and their service ends on May 20, 2016.


How much training will I receive? 

Our mentors are a highly trained and qualified group of individuals who serve our kids, and this begins with a mandatory week-long (40 hours) training prior to the program school year in August.  We continue to develop enhanced SEL and behavior management skills, as well as, professional development and strong leadership skills throughout the year.


What are the hours?

Each WINGSLeader must take part in our pre-training (Atlanta: August 3 - 7, 2015; SC and Charlotte: August 10-14, 2015) and serve each weekday afternoon (Monday through Friday) throughout the entire school year, except elementary school holidays, with some service required during college breaks.  Expect to serve a total of about four hours a day including daily WINGSLeader meetings, with the exact hours varying by school assignment and ranging between 1:30/2:00pm and 6:30/7:00pm (exception Lake City: 3:00pm to 6:30pm).


Is there any flexibility with the schedule? 

One of the key aspects to the success of our kids is consistency and having a strong foundational relationship with the WINGSLeader. We seek only the best candidates who can take on the full WINGSLeader commitment. This means our mentors must be available to serve the duration of the school year, each and every day.


What compensation do WINGSLeaders receive? 

WINGSLeaders receive a stipend of $8,862 (which equates to approximately $10/hour) for their service, paid out regularly throughout the school year, even during school holidays when they are not serving! An education award is also available for eligible members for completion of service.  All compensation, incentives and bonuses will be discussed during the interview phase.


How do I know if I qualify to be a WINGSLeader? 

If you are enrolled at the university level or higher, excited about the opportunity and able to perform the tasks outlined here, and make the commitment described above, you meet the basic qualifications and we encourage you to fill out the application.


When should I apply?

The sooner the better! We accept applications and conduct interviews on a rolling basis.