WINGSLeaders help kids Soar!

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The South Carolina WINGS' programs are up and running with 500+ kids and 50 staff - college-aged mentors we call WINGSLeaders delivering the program each day.  Having an effective and influential staff is critical to achieving outcomes with our kids. A few weeks ago we hosted our annual staff training for WL's.  During training we give the WL's the skills they need to deliver social and emotional learning to our at-risk kids while simultaneously learning WINGS' 6 core competencies: impact and influence; communication; planning and execution; performance management; teamwork and collaboration; critical thinking.

The foundation of our social and emotional teaching is in the WINGS Creed. Simply, the Creed puts the five skills of social and emotional intelligence into a kid-friendly language.  Our WL's implement the elements of the Creed to reinforce and redirect kids towards positive behaviors.  We can all benefit from the words of the Creed!  


The WINGS Creed

I soar with WINGS. Let me tell you why. 
I learn lots of skills that help me reach the sky.

I love and accept who I am on the inside 
and know my emotions are nothing to hide

Life’s full of surprises that make me feel different ways. 
If I can control myself, I will have much better days.

I understand the choices I make should be what’s best for me to do, 
and what happens is on me and not any of you.

I understand others are unique. I want to learn more about everyone I meet. 
I want to step into their shoes and see what they are going through.

I am a friend. I support and trust. Working together is a must.

Kind and caring I will be. I listen to you. You listen to me.

I soar with WINGS. I just told you why. 
All of these things are why I fly high.

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