To empower youth workers and organizations with the knowledge and skills to strengthen their own programming with SEL integration, WINGS has designed interactive and engaging half day and full day professional development trainings on our effective approach to SEL and behavior management.

Our WINGS-hosted training sessions and full day workshops are beneficial for full- and part-time staff who work with youth of all ages.

We provide theory, but more importantly, implementation strategies that are concrete, actionable, and relatable to youth.

Becoming Socially and Emotionally Aware

This 3-hour session provides an introduction to SEL teaching practices, skills, and building a foundation of a social-emotional culture and climate.

Developing a Socially and Emotionally Positive Learning Environment

A full day workshop guides participants through the S-E-T Framework: Support, Engage, and Teach; including ways to identify and leverage “teachable moments” to reinforce SE skills with quality and consistency.

Behavior Management Through a Social and Emotional Learning Lens

A 3-hour session to introduce proactive and reactive techniques for managing behavior and reducing staff stress.

Building a Positive Behavior Management Culture

This full day workshop will increase participants’ ability to implement specific behavior management strategies that support a culture of social-emotional learning. Strategies align with and deepen efforts such as, school-day PBIS.

Discount rates available for large groups.
Customizable workshops and on-site trainings also available.

For more information and pricing:
Julia Rugg (843) 410-8009