Get Involved

Together we can help kids soar!

There are many ways to get involved – volunteering to help with homework at one of our schools, securing an item from our wish list, giving a monthly donation,
or a transformational investment in our work.

You can also make a big difference by introducing us to an individual, corporation, foundation,

or school that might be interested in partnering with us to change kids’ lives.

An investment today provides a better tomorrow.

Thank you to those individuals who have committed to sharing their treasure
with Wings for Kids. You are making a difference!

legacy donors

Jim Boyd Jr.
Jan Lipov
Harriet Ripinsky
Floretta Ryba
Stephen and Suzan Zoukis

monthly DONORS:
Greg Bauer
Joann Coonrod
Connie Deerin
Nancy Dynes
Sally Ehrenfried
Mollie Fair
Janica Francis-Hunter
Alyson Gatlin
Eli and Ann-Therese Hyman
Mary Mester
Karla Moore
Julie and Julian Raney
in-kind donors

Blue Ion
South Carolina Aquarium
Cooper River Baptist Church
Zhenya Grant
Levelwing Media
Edmund’s Oast
Mosmi Naik-Patel
Cindy McElhinney
Charlotte Region Support Fund
Sathya Sai Center of Charlotte